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About Mark Alexander

10 years of providing short term rental quality accommodations to international & local guests. Is it possible to provide safe, secure, clean, modern decor, air conditioned, WIFI enabled, comfortable accommodations within walking distance of the big hotels for a fraction of the price ? YES ! Have you ever traveled to new country, spent a pretty penny to stay in a hotel room then left the country after you visit feeling like you didn't really have an authentic experience you expected? Being an international traveler myself I was able to notice that the rich culture of the main capital of Jamaica, Kingston was not being experienced by the majority of travelers coming to the Island. The grass roots experience of short term rental properties barely existed. Many visitors I encountered in Jamaica expressed they desired to travel to Kingston & other cities & parishes throughout the island. They wanted to meet the local people, go to local festivals & parties, eat the real local foods that we're famous for, explore the vegetation, hills, valleys, beaches & rivers whiles absorbing the different experiences that can be unique to each city & parish. They yearned do it without always staying in a traditional hotel that in many cases filtered their experiences.

In 2009 the birth of Apartmentrentaljamaica.com & Cozyaccommodations.com came from the requests from guests like you & me. No nickeling & diming like the big hotels do either, just one flat fair rate & the savings passed onto you can be spent with your friends & family as you enjoy the island.

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